For a Huge Minority​



The sea, the sun, the marine salt of Mediterranean after a dive, my Elche palm trees , the breeze of an evening and the golden color of a magical sunset in the White cost, the nightime fireworks from “ La Alborada”, the mix of ancestral cultures of an unparalleled artistic and architectural wealth, these are the aromas and the lifestyle that awakened my senses, unravelled my soul and inspired my creativity.

The iconic, romantic and elegance portrayed in it’s very essence. The color boom of my pieces creates empowered, daring, sensual, irreverent and passionately distinct women.

Marisú Martinez



We are in a time where brands must be more transparent about their “secrets” and share details about their supply chains, as the sustainability of resources, working conditions, fair trade policies and countries of origin have turned into subjects of upmost importance.
Consumers are more aware and informed about these issues, and how much they are willing to pay for a product goes beyond the brand’s value. Quality products and transparency in value chains is what must be delivered to the conscious consumer.

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